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The sun is shining once again!

I had never thought a day would come when i will be so happy
Its scary, excitng and unbelievable
I had never thought i’d rgain my inner srtnght again
BUT today like a child i’m feeling
Happy. happy to be alive.Happy, happy to realise
The sun will shine once again
No tears of sadness shall i cry
Only tears of of jot will have to rain from now on
It feels so good to be alive-For the first time in ages
The sun is shining once again
I came across a butch of people.They were talking relating their stories
Like my stories I felt the connection
GOD is so great! I feel
“Wise minds think alike they say”
If I am not that intelligent,why do these people believe in me?
If I am not that capable, why do they offer such great works to be done by my capable hands?
I am happy, happy to realise GOD created for a purpose
I came across my EX she was with this man,pretending not to see me
I called out her name, she looked back and answered
“I didnt notice you” sorry
How are you doing ? I asked
“She good my capable hands,I buy her everything she wants” he replied
I am her man.
She turns her head to the side and tells him “Leave it lets,go”
It doesnt bother me instead, even if he buy her, buy her love
Even if she open wide for him
There is never love and direction
Its just her money making way of life in life…
It makes me realise-there was never she and I
There were just beer bottles,cigarette smoking and only sex between the two us,
I also made happy then
This is partly why I’m so happy
It makes me realise- I have grown so much
I am now a big girl-I have focus in life
I know what I want and its definately no her
I know my baby aint nothing like that
She’s a grown, respected, intelligent woman who knows what she wants out of life and out of us
I am happy-happy to be alive
I am happy to realise that
I’ve come a long way and from now on there’s no turning back
Phambili siyaya, Phambili ngiyaya!!
Happiness cures the br


1 comment February 9, 2007

New Beginnings!

Such an amazing love!
So much beautifying glory!
Such an honouring gift
All so gracious and diving
A crafted master creation
A beautiful art piece
Given and authorised by the master creator Himself
All salutes to the most High for providing
Maximum respect to the one who providing
For taking away the miseries
For providing natural happiness
For giving wisdom… a woman, a Goddess and Empress
For whispering the sweetest words which calms down even the heaviest waves of the Nile rivers
For shouting Quite! to the heavier storms of the pacific
For making it all possible through the power of the holy trinity….
The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit
Word, Sound and Power … for ….
He spoke and it all came true
He commanded then wonders were designed
He said and all beings came to existance
Who can compare?
Who can sit in His throne?
Who grows wild trees and make stronger their branches and waters them?
Who heals the sick and takes away their inner piercing pains?
None can make the birds sing and create melodic tunes except for Him
Doesnt He deserve all the glory and praise
What an amazing love!!
New Beginings!

3 comments January 2, 2007

Letter to my mother

Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for the best mom to me
You’ve shown me that no matter what
You’ll always be by my side
Even though what the world may think about me
You still remain there for me
You have always told me things will work out fine one day and I love you for that
I have not always seen what you meant by showing me right and wrong but now i know.
Thank you for your patience and faith in me
Thank you for not judging me when others find joy in doing so everyday
Thank you for your ongoing support and courage
Akekho ofana futhi ozofana nawe
Thank you for showing me that GOD really does exists
Seeing you so strong makes me even more stronger
May GOD Almighty bless you with years of fruitful life so that you can also see me successing
I still say it like you always do
I love you so much and proud to be your daughter.!

Add a comment December 27, 2006

The fact remains!

The fact remains

There’s no point in blaming myself or anyone
The fact remains….
There’s no use in you asking me why i never told you because
The fact remains….
I tried, you had no time and you were always busy and occupied
I dont blame you either because no matter what
The fact remains….
I’m not looking for sympathy or feeling sorry things happened this way
Nothing anyone can say will change anything because
The fact remains….
I am now counted in the statiastics because
The fact remains….
Dont tell me i should have never allowed my story to be published
because….The fact remains….
You dont know how i feel-no one does and the
The fact remains….
Dont tell me what people might say or think because
The fact remains….
Its not going to change anything
Dont ask ask me who was my rapist because it makes me mad
But mad as i can be and for everyone’s sake and my own
Life goes on and still
The fact remains….that


3 comments December 27, 2006



Wrote stories for the nations to read
Stood without fear and told my story
I smiled and greeted without judging
I influenced positive living to the sick
I planted seeds of hope to the hopeless
I groomed and growed the younger ones whose parents died
I created artistic designes with my hands
I crafted and drew beautiful pictures
I installed educatioanl reasoning to some
I taught represented the minority to the majority
I made nations aware
I wronged some and made some happy
I survived against odds
I swallowed my medication even as hard as it was it was sometimes
I did so to remain strong and to llive my live regardless of my status
I fought for women to be taken into serious conideration by our government
I wrote and said “my” spoke word
I fought and showed many that there’s nothing wrong with being diabetic, epileptic and HIV
I represented many of the HIV infected lesbian sisters
I told the truth nevermind the judgements
I lived and I’m still living
I loved and prayed to my GOD
I prayed without hesitation , for , I believe/d
I was a big sister to my younger sisters
I listened to my mother’s teachings
I became friends with father
I captured moments with my camera
I brought forth what was unseen to the nations through the power of image,pen and paper
I struggled to make it life
I was taken for a ride by some whom i thought were friends
I showed my rapist how strong i was regardless that he poisoned my blood with his HIV
I beieved and prayed
I stood low and respected all regardless of their age,colour and size
I say along with others
I had a unique voice
I had a message to deliver and a vision to see
I tried,i fell and i never succeeded sometimes
I was patient while to some i was strange
I was loved by some and was hated by some,STILL i did my thing
I loved and appreciated beautiful women
I loved her more than life itself
Some would say…
I am full shit! but spiritually i was full
I was fed with GOD’s glory that’s why I praised HIM
I praised HIM more than i praised friends
I am my mother’s daughter
I made history and marked historical books of this world
FOR..without no doubt i’ll and i am in peace with my maker and creator.

5 comments December 13, 2006

no one can take that away from me!

The beautiful soul that i am
The creative genius that i am
The artist i was born to be
The good writer that i doubted
The storyteller and the original educator
Born to change the world, yes, i was
Born to relate my own happenings and mishaps
Given by GOD Almighty Himself
Its’s true i say “no one can take that awy from me”
The reviver of dead minds
The bearer of good news
The true master mind but, not a proud one.because
I only live to make myself and my GOD proud.
As for the people who are gossiping,muttering words and calling me names behind my back
Fuck them I say!
I was born like this
I was born to tell my tales
I give love to the people, my people
Black women of the continent of Africa
I shall be free one day
Free from the negative,stereotyped,crowded fucked up situations we live in.
A home we should call it.Well, its not for some of us
Its three roomed housed containers with walls closed up and closing up people’s minds
Because they believe, yes they believe
A man needs to work which is why every end of the month
He drowns himself in a beer drum & fights with the rest of the street and his family
He calls her names and tells her she’s a bitch
Because he buys her food, she dont see nothing wrong
Well, i refuse to tolerate such animals
Because i am a true and original Blessed queen
A woman full of love
A Goddess born to change their mindests
It is with me that they will realise
She was born for a reason
She was created for love, by love, for a woman
The woman within a woman
No one can take that away from me
I am who I am!!!

4 comments November 24, 2006


No matter what they say my GOD is…

A mighty mastermind
A true, honest, powerful provider
An undefeatead conquerer
A fearless warrior
A faithful and trustworth creator
An honourable and divine father
Who deserves to be bowed to because HE is
A respectful and clearly watch upon nations
He is a healer and is merciful
He is comforting, a true royalty
He is majestic ruler
He is the light and shines bright even in the darkest days, minutes, hours and deserts
He deserves all the glory!
He deservers all the praise!
He is a giver, no teacher compares to him!
He is a home builder
He mends the broken spirits, hearts and souls
He never abondens HIS children
His voice roars like a thunder and the evil is shunted away
Who wouldnt like to be counted as one of his own?
Who wouldnt want to blessed and embraced by such love?
As for me. I shall raise my hands high up to the skies and shout his name
I shall without fear call out to him and let the nations know of his incredable works and his love
I shall stand before everyone and wont be afraid and
No matter what they say,My GOD is My GOD
My protector! My provider ! My healer! My Strenght! and
I shall always pray to never abonden
His Love! His Teachings! and
His Wisdom!!!! for

1 comment November 20, 2006


She’s been hurt , harmed and destroyed by these dogs called”men”

Marks and scrars never to disappear have bee left in her body.

She’s been taken for a ride and made to believe she was going to win this time around,by our falsely imposed justice system….the fucked up justice system!

One keeps on asking and wondering….When is is all gonna go away?

When will women be taken into serious consideration by our country,its citizens, the gorvenment and its ministers?

You’re beaten up,raped and molested

Yet, no matter how hard you cry no matter how high you scream…

They just keep on passing you by.

They enjoy your screams. laugh about it. they mock you names.

They praise their stupidity and foolishness about you.

They share their cowardly insults about you while forgetting the most importnt lessosons to be learned and perceived in life about life…love each one as brothers&sisters  so did say GOD!

Never had I though I’ll see the day  when tears will be be rolling like that from her eyes.

 Never had I thought I’ll see her break down like that in front of so many of us BECAUSE she had always appeared to be one hell of a strong woman

She had always managed to calm my bleding and troubled heart

She had always comforted the troubled being within me and many others

She held me,when I cried so many times

She whispered songs and poetic melodical tunes for my once battered, bruised and rejected soul.

Tihngs  change in life…people change.

People take advantage,they turn to use others

They always change your perception about life, in life

They therefore inflect poisonous and painful bruises into the dept of your heart.

Being despite is the only contibution towards your life,they turn to bring forth

Hating living and ling to hate is all that they manage to do.BUT reality is-

GOD created you and GOD knows the best

Forgive and forget..they say BUT how could you?

Forgive? yes ,but forget? it can take /takes life time…i mean

She’s been hurt

She’s been taken advantage of

She’s been crying and yet nothing has been done about it

Except! her will and right to llive a normal life like any another human in this world

She’s been misjudged and made to become a victim and a statistic

Asking why it had to happen does and wont help

Having and holding grudges is still a mystery and misert within.

BUT like she once comforted me, like she once told me

“ALL WILL BE OKAY” I stil say-

Dont ever change because of them

Stand up for who you are and the tears in that woman’s eyes will disappear

Strongly as women,we shall overcome

We shall win win the battles against these “dogs” and the country’s corrupt system

The tears on my my sister’s eyes will DRY! (more…)

2 comments November 15, 2006

A day in AIDS hospital

They’re coming in…pouring in
Walking up and down
Some happy, laughing and smiling
Some in pain,but trying so hard to present happy faces
Some wrtitten sorrow all over their faces
Others written regret on their apprerances
They share their stories
Convencing one another with realities of living with dreadful, monsterss and painful disease is all the talk you keep hearing around the room.
Some are brought by their loved ones,they can barely walk
Others are on wheelchairs,death is all keep straring from their eyes

The queues ara so long, we’ve been here since the early morning
BUT,because a chance to a better life is all we’re waiting for
What else is there to do?
What else is there to achieve?
Others look frightned and scarered
As for the one next to me…I salute her
She’s positively promoting to others how she lives and mantains a normal life with her smoking and boozing as if nothing’s wrong.
“Its true-nothing’s wrong,its only that she’s infected” afterall she has to live a normal life just like any other normal living being in the world.FUCK! the status! and the HIvirus ,she must be crazy!

Some you can tell just by viewing and looking at them that-Gone are those days!
Whilst, others its like “I’m a size 32 but today I’ borrowed my brother’s/sister’s size 40 pans or T’s
OH! Shameless and mercyless is this HIV/AIDS

Its been 5, 10, 13, 20…..years
You hear others installing hope to the already hopeless
How terrifying but hearing them share eases the pains to others
Others have brought their babies and children whom are also sick
and you turn to ask yourself,Where did this AIDS come from?

There are various and different smells all over the room
Its smells terrible and making one feel like vomiting
Is it the smell of pills? different crowds of sick people? or is it the filthy smell of HIV itself?
“My mother use to warn me about running around with different men BUT I never listened and now I know I’m going to die and I deserve it” this one keeps going on.
Some of these people are in chains-maybe-emotionaly but not physicaly “I mean”
They are being brought here by the prison warders
What a shame and pity!
Some we know each other from the township as neighbours
BUT, because we’ve bumped into each other in this place
There are no friendly and neighbourly greetings as usual.
They seem ashamed and embarased
Shit! this AIDS is one thing capable of causing unnecessary hate!

With all thats happening around
I wonder…
Where am I going to end?
When is my turn?
When is the virus going to take over my fighting and willing body?
When will it all go away?
As strong as I can be
It is within this solid and concrete body of mine.
And slowly but surely

4 comments November 13, 2006

“Im taking over the world”

Oh! What an honour it feels
What an achievement it is
It has never happened before
Someone realised something in me
It is so amazing,it makes want to pump up more energy
It says to me “Go on , drink those ARV’s no matter what pains  they cause to your body-you still have a lot to achieve”
First time doing something that has a meaning
At home- they stare, confused, they look
Why is she excited?its just a piece of paper with pictures she took
It was never easy at first, being who I am
It has been a short space of time but the fruits are beyond imaginable for me
I am a photographer- I keep telling myself
One day, just one day the name will be written on the
Star Newspaper, picture by-“Busisiwe Sigasa”
This is a beginning of it , the beginning of greater things to come.
Good things comes to those who wait
I have waited for so long and this is my calling,my chance
It feels so good
Cant wait to see her and show her what I just received today
From now on its working forward and no stopping
I can still do more ! Its all up to me
Im taking over the world !!!!

8 comments November 3, 2006






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