The sun is shining once again!

February 9, 2007 latifah

I had never thought a day would come when i will be so happy
Its scary, excitng and unbelievable
I had never thought i’d rgain my inner srtnght again
BUT today like a child i’m feeling
Happy. happy to be alive.Happy, happy to realise
The sun will shine once again
No tears of sadness shall i cry
Only tears of of jot will have to rain from now on
It feels so good to be alive-For the first time in ages
The sun is shining once again
I came across a butch of people.They were talking relating their stories
Like my stories I felt the connection
GOD is so great! I feel
“Wise minds think alike they say”
If I am not that intelligent,why do these people believe in me?
If I am not that capable, why do they offer such great works to be done by my capable hands?
I am happy, happy to realise GOD created for a purpose
I came across my EX she was with this man,pretending not to see me
I called out her name, she looked back and answered
“I didnt notice you” sorry
How are you doing ? I asked
“She good my capable hands,I buy her everything she wants” he replied
I am her man.
She turns her head to the side and tells him “Leave it lets,go”
It doesnt bother me instead, even if he buy her, buy her love
Even if she open wide for him
There is never love and direction
Its just her money making way of life in life…
It makes me realise-there was never she and I
There were just beer bottles,cigarette smoking and only sex between the two us,
I also made happy then
This is partly why I’m so happy
It makes me realise- I have grown so much
I am now a big girl-I have focus in life
I know what I want and its definately no her
I know my baby aint nothing like that
She’s a grown, respected, intelligent woman who knows what she wants out of life and out of us
I am happy-happy to be alive
I am happy to realise that
I’ve come a long way and from now on there’s no turning back
Phambili siyaya, Phambili ngiyaya!!
Happiness cures the br


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  • 1. Maximus  |  December 20, 2007 at 11:00 am

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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